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Kyon Ki Full Movie

Kyon Ki full film the best cherishing motion picture Widowed Colonel Khurana, an inhabitant of India, heads off to London, amasses enough fortune, comes back to India,

opens a private Sanatorium for the crazy, and contracts his little girl, Tanvi, as one of the specialists’. His second-in control is Dr. Sunil. Tanvi takes care of patient no36, a lady by the name of Shobhna Mathur, lovingly, essentially like the mother she never had. At that point Shobhna gets well, is released and unable to recall Tanvi’s cherishing consideration. This does harm Tanvi, so she chooses never to draw near to,

Kyon Ki The Best Loving Movie

Kyon Ki 36, Anand J. Sharma, who has been conceded by a Court Order. Circumstances do make Tanvi and Anand draw near, so close that they begin to look all starry eyed at one another. In any case her slave driver father has picked a suitor named Karan, and is not ready to take the danger of Tanvi wedding a mental patient, particularly one like Anand, who has been captured and accused of executing his life partner, Maya. Extremely decent melodies in the best Places Of the planet, This picture have a best sounds purposes of the freshest activity Players,

Kyon Ki Movie Actors

Kyon Ki i like this movie Executive: Priyadarshan

Maker: Mukesh Talreja ,               Sunil Manchanda

Music Director: Himesh Reshammiya

Lyricst: Sameer , Sanjay Chhel


Udit Narayan Alka Yagnik Kunal Ganjawala Shaan Kailash Kher

Salman Khan as Anand

Kareena Kapoor as Dr. Tanvi Khurana

Rimi Sen as Maya

Om Puri as Dr. Khurana


Jackie Shroff

Aroon Bakshi

Sunil Shetty as Special Appearance

Manoj Joshi

Anil Dhawan

Sulbha Arya

Ahmed Khan

Kyon Ki the very best movie in the world.